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What is RAM and Types of Ram

We all know that the biggest reason for the hang of computers and mobile is its lack of RAM. That is, for better performance of a device, the space of its RAM (Random Access Memory) should be more.

Nowadays mobile phones with more RAM are being required in the market. But do you know what is RAM, what is its function in mobile and computers? Why is it different from ROM (Read-only memory)? Usually, RAM is a part of computer memory.

As we know, memory in any computer device is of two types, primary memory, and secondary memory. Here RAM is the primary storage. While hard disk is a secondary memory, let us now go into detail about what is RAM.

What is RAM ?

The full form of RAM is “Random Access Memory”, this is also called Main Memory of Computer. This is a temporary storage i.e. as soon as the device is turned off, the data stored in it is automatically removed. After that that data cannot be brought back. That is why RAM is also called volatile memory. This is a memory consisting of a semiconductor and a flip-flop.

Understand from the example that if you open a file stored in the internal memory of your mobile, then the memory on which that file runs is RAM. So when we run many apps in our device simultaneously, our device slows down due to increase in RAM load. Generally there are two types of RAM:


The full name of SRAM is Static Random Access Memory. The data on the device is also lost when the device is turned off. It accesses data fast, hence it is also called cache memory. SRAM is made up of flip-flop so it is less refreshed.


DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. In comparison to SRAM, the speed of reading its data is a bit low, due to which it has to be refreshed again and again. It refreshes a thousand times per second and DRAM is much lower priced than SRAM. This RAM is used in most of the devices.

What is the difference between RAM and ROM

Both of these are completely different from each other. By reading some points below, you will understand what is the difference between them.


  • RAM is a volatile memory, which means that the data stored in it is temporary. Once the power of the computer is turned off, the data processed by it is lost.
  • It can store several gigabytes (GB) of data. Its data store capacity can usually be 1GB – 8GB and more.
  • Its job is to provide memory to run the program or process present in our phone or computer.
  • It accesses the data fast.


  • ROM is completely different from this, it is a non-volatile memory, once the data is stored in it, it cannot be changed without the desire of the user. ROM is also used to program a device. The data is not lost even when the device is turned off.
  • Whereas data is stored in megabytes (MB) by ROM.
  • The same ROM saves the apps, documents, videos, mp3, and files present in the device for unlimited time.
  • Whereas it is not able to access data faster than RAM.

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