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What is Keyboard and Types of Keyboard

We must have seen and heard about keyboard in many places in our home, office, school, bank, etc. The keyboard is a very integral part of the computer, without it it is not only difficult but impossible to run the computer. Many types of work are done by the keyboard such as writing text, typing, playing games and doing other things. Today we will give you complete information about keyboard, what is keyboard, how it is used, what are the keys in the keyboard and how many types of boards are found. So let’s start.

What is keyboard?

Keyboard is an input device which transmits the instructions given by us to the computer. Typing is the most important function of the keyboard, only through the keyboard we are able to access the computer and give commands to the computer.

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the keyboard. He together with an American inventor invented the QWERTY keyboard in 1819. After the invention of this keyboard, many different types of keyboards are found in the world today. Will tell you about all keyboards and what they are used for.

If the mouse gets damaged in our computer, then we can also run the computer with the keyboard. Half the keyboard is a very important part.

Keyboard keys and their types?

There are many different types of keys found in the keyboard. The girl has different work and the use is also different. Today we will tell you in detail the lyrics of keyboard and how to use them. In general, there are a total of 104 keys in the keyboard, so let’s know about them.

Alphanumeric keys

Alphanumeric buttons are those buttons by which we give commands to the computer and it is used for typing. This button is useful at the time of data input. A To Z , 0 – 9 Bha and (@#&!*!?) These also come in alphanumeric buttons. Pressing Shift for a capital alphanumeric button makes pressing that button capitalized.

Numeric button

Numeric buttons are those by which we input numeric numbers to the computer 0 – 9 With this button we can add, subtract, multiply, do and do different things of numbers.

Function keys

Function keys are made for a variety of functions. In the keyboard there are upwards from F1 to F12. These are found together and come in different functions like refreshing, switching off, increasing the brightness etc.

Special Keys

Special keys are those which make our work easier and are used for some special functions. Shift, ctrl, Alt, Enter, Esc come in special keys. They have different work like writing capital letter, giving consent, going back etc.

Navigation Keys

These keys are also called guiding keys. Helps to move around in the path of navigation and we can move through it. Up, down, right, left, these are of four types.

Shortcut keys

It is difficult for the new user to use the keyboard, so it becomes easy due to shortcut keys. The work of shortcut keys is very important. It makes the job easy and quick. Let’s know about all the shortcut keys.

  • F1 for Help info
  • F2 for rename a file
  • F5 To make one program work in another
  • Alt+F4 to close any active program
  • Ctrl+A Select all the contents of the page
  • Ctrl+B Bold selected text
  • Ctrl+C to copy
  • Ctrl+D to bookmark
  • Ctrl+E Center the text
  • Ctrl+F to open Find window
  • Ctrl+G Open the Find window in the browser
  • Ctrl+H Open the Find window in WordPad
  • Ctrl+I To italicize text
  • Ctrl+J sets justify alignment
  • Ctrl+K to create a hyperlink
  • Ctrl+L To align text to the left
  • Ctrl+M to indent
  • Ctrl+N to open document
  • Ctrl+O to open file
  • Ctrl+P to print
  • Ctrl+R to align right
  • Ctrl+S to save
  • Ctrl+T to open new tab
  • Ctrl+U to underline
  • Ctrl+V to paste
  • Ctrl+W to convert to document
  • Ctrl+X to cut
  • Ctrl+Y To redo action
  • Ctrl+Z to undo the action
  • Shift+Del to permanently delete a file
  • To go to the beginning of the home line
  • To open Windows + R Run command

Types of Keyboard ?

There are many types of keyboards according to the work, today we will tell you about all types of keyboards.

Membrane Keyboard

The specialty of Membrane’s keyboard is that it has a small layer of plastic which protects the buttons. In this, the buttons are not outside, they are adjacent to the keyboard itself. It does not get dirty too quickly, man is safe, but it is also cheaper than the common keyboard. It is difficult to type quickly in this type of keyboard.

Mechanical keyboard

Mechanical keyboards are more comfortable as compared to others and can also enable quick typing. Mechanical keyboards have springs at the bottom which make them durable and comfortable.

Ergonomic keyboard

The ergonomic keyboard enhances work parity. These types of keyboards come in different designs and make typing very fast, they are bought only to make typing faster. This keyboard is V shaped. Most of these keyboards are available in banks and shopping malls.

Gaming Keyboard

As the name suggests, this keyboard can play games, it is very expensive and hard too, it is also available in different designs along with comfortable. Their quality is very good and the buttons are also big.

Wireless keyboard

This type of keyboard is not connected to the wire and has AI technology, you can operate it even from 9 meters away. Such keyboards run on batteries and have to be charged.

Multimedia keyboard

Multimedia keyboards come in many uses, with this keyboard we can launch programs and can also run multimedia players. The other feature of this keyboard is that it has direct facility to send internet, browser and gmail.

Benefits of keyboard

  • Typing in keyboard becomes easy and fast as compared to other devices.
  • The keyboard is easy to maintain and easy to clean.
  • Keyboard is also cheap and different keyboards are also found according to different work.

Disadvantage of keyboard

  • Typing for a long time in it is injurious to health.
  • There are a lot of mistakes for new people and it is difficult to correct them.
  • Typing on the keyboard for a long time is difficult and also takes time.

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