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What is Computer Programming? Complete Information

What is computer programming: – A set of instructions or instructions given one after the other in a language understandable to the computer to make or do a particular task by the computer is called a program. The art of writing a set of instructions or instructions in a language that the computer can understand is called computer programming.

We Can understand this through an example – As we use normal Hindi or English etc. language to talk to each other in common life, in the same way, we have to use some language to talk to the computer. And to do this, programs have to be written, which is mostly used for writing high level language and the person who writes this program (or coding) is called programmer or software engineer and the code which writes in the computer is called programming.

Program is an important step in computer system development. When a program is prepared, the output of the program should be fulfilling our desire, the process and instructions to achieve the result must be completely error free.

What is Computer Programming ?

Special symbols are used in each language so that the person’s thoughts can be understood through the language.

Like Hindi language and English also have dictionary availability and each word has its own special meaning, similarly every computer programming language has its own dictionary and each symbol or word given in this vocabulary has its own definite meaning. .

Computer programming language is used as a communication medium between the computer and the programmer, with the help of computer programming language, the computer is told when and under what circumstances, what and how to work or which work or which task don’t have to.

In this way we can say that a special rule technique is used to give instructions related to the work to the computer to do a particular task by the computer, this special technical is called computer programming language.

Types of Computer Programming Language

There are three types of computer programming languages

  1. Machine language
  2. Assembly language
  3. High level programming language or high level language

Machine language

Machine level language is the only computer programming language that is directly understood by the computer, the computer does not need any interpreter or translator program to understand it, it is also called the machine symbol or machine code of the computer.

Machine code is the basic language of the computer which is written from a series made of only 0 and 1 these two numbers. There are only two states of electronic signal, high and low. In machine language, 1 digit means high or high and 0 means low or nopales.

In machine language, each statement is divided into two parts opcode and operand. The first part opcode is an instruction executed by the CPU and the operand is the data or memory location which is used to execute the instructions. Both these instructions are made in a series made of 0’s and 1’s. Writing a program in machine language is a difficult and very time-consuming task, hence the use of this language is negligible at present.

Assembly language

A computer programming language was created to overcome the problem of writing programs in machine level language. This computer programming language was named assembly language. This was the first step in the development of computer programming language. Machine language in this programming language Signs or letters were often used in place of numeric code, like 1111 used in machine language for subtraction.

Now if only SUB is used for this, then it will be easier for the programmer to replace machine code in assembly language. But mnemonic code is used, which we can easily identify, the work of converting assembly code to machine code is done by a program in the computer itself, this program is named assembler, it works like a translator. .

Machine level language and assembly language are also called low level language or low level programming language due to the dependence of the computer on the machine.

High level language or high level programming language

To overcome the problem of writing programs in low level language programming languages ​​i.e. machine level language assembly language, high level language was created which was not dependent on the computer machine. The next step in the development work of computer programming was to work in them. Compiler and interpreter were developed for

It is a programming language in a computer in which programs are written using English letters, numbers and symbols, it is called a high level language. Writing programs in a high level language is very easy to program.


Assemblers are programs that a computer uses to convert a program written in assembly language into machine language and thus acts as a translator. Its main function is to convert assembly into machine language and send it to the processor. And again converting the result obtained from the processor from machine language to assembly language.


Compiler is also software which is used as translator to convert program written in high level language into machine level language, its main function is to convert high level language into machine level language and send it to processor and receive from processor. Converting the result from the data back to machine level language to high level language.


Interpreters are software that are used to translate programs written in a high level language by a computer into machine language.

Difference Between Compiler and Interpreter

The function of both compiler and interpreter is to convert the program written in high level language into machine level language. Line by line converts it into machine level language as soon as you type it.

When creating programs of high level language, in which compiler is used, then the compiler is loaded after writing the program, whereas in such high level language which uses an interpreter, the interpreter is loaded before writing the program. Compiler is used in Java programming language and interpreter is used in BASIC programming language.


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