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What is Blog and Blogging – A Complete Guide

To learn and understand blog and blogging, there are many good blogs are available on the internet, that have explained blogging in a very good way. By studying them well, any newbie blogger can understand the topic of blogging completely. And by adopting those basic blogging rules, you can create a great blog or website of your own. Which you can broadcast in the world of the Internet (Google) and present yourself as a good blogger.

In the beginning, blogging was written exclusively in the English language, because Google used to give preference to English language content only and it was necessary to have English content to get the blog monetized. Google Adsense approval was not available on blogs made in any other language.

But since the year 2016, when a lot of content was written on Google in Hindi and Hinglish and the number of visitors reading them also started increasing.

So then Google not only approved Adsense on Hindi and Hinglish language blogs, but along with it, today Google’s Ads have been approved on websites and blogs built on most of the regional languages ​​of the country.

That means your blog is completely ready for monetization in any language but your content should be in your own language and should be fresh in the terms of Google.

Today most of the good blogs are available in the English language only. Yet now slowly people are getting more inclination towards Hindi.

What is Blog ?

In simple language, blog is a “digital diary”, in which we write daily about the experiences and information received related to our life.

These information can be anything – knowledge acquired from personal experience or achievement from study done in a particular field or social information.

We can share all this information through our ‘digital diary’ ie ‘blog’ all over the world.

What is Blogging ?

What is blogging and who can do it, many people often want to know about it.

So I want to explain it in such a way that like there is a writer, who is fond of writing books and writes many types of books. People buy and read his books from the market. For which they also get a good royalty.

On the other hand, if we talk about Newspaper, then we can talk about Editorial page, where we will get to see samples of offline blogging.

Here on the editorial page, every day we will get to read articles daily of some newbie writers apart from any particular writers. Who keep sharing new updates and information based on current issues, sports, entertainment, employment, education, technology etc. These are all examples of blogging.

You can either do it as a hobby or look at it as your career as a professional.

Similarly, writing books or writing articles in newspaper is done digitally by creating a website on an online platform instead of offline, then it is called writing a blog. And this whole process of writing a blog is called ‘blogging’.

Why should You create a Blog ?

In today’s era, every person is connected to the Internet world and all of them are using Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to get some information or for entertainment all the time.

The thing that is being searched so much in the world is content, So we should also focus our attention in that thing in which we can learn something as well as teach something to others and give a right direction to our career.

Should we start a Blog?

‘Blogging’ gives us the way where we can use our talent and knowledge properly and earn money as well as make our name. If you enjoy writing, then blogging is the perfect platform for you.

But if you like speaking in front of the camera, then you can turn to Vlogging i.e. YouTube. Both the platforms are the best online medium to provide content and earn money from it.

Some Essential terms related to Blogging

Who is Blogger ?

The person who writes the content on a blog or website is called ‘Blogger’.

what is a blog post ?

Articles or posts written on your blog or website through WordPress or Blogger and published on the Internet are called blog posts.

The searchers read the blog post written by the blogger according to their requirement, that post published on our blog.

What are the types of blogging?

Blogging is mainly divided into two types of categories –

  1. Personal Blogging
  2. Professional Blogging

What is Personal Blogging?

A person writes and shares his experiences and knowledge gained in his life by creating a blog on an online platform like a personal diary comes under Personal Blogging.

The purpose of a personal blogger is not to earn money from blogging, but to share the achievements, experiences and invaluable information received in his life in a mournful way.

What is Professional Blogging?

The main purpose of writing a blog through professional blogging is to earn money professionally.

Blogging is like a full time business for a professional blogger, in which a blogger can earn maximum money, which has no limit.

To earn money from a blog, we have to write posts about the most searched content on Google, so that more and more visitors i.e. traffic can come to our blog.

Traffic is the biggest source of earning money from blog. And traffic can come to a blog only when such content is written on it which is needed by the people and is being searched the most.

Some Essential Tips & Tricks to Become a Professional Blogger

Along with increasing your knowledge to become a great professional blogger, there are some ways by which even a simple blogger can do blogging professionally and earn money from his blog.

Be unique: By doing any work in a unique way i.e. in a different way, we get a different and good result.

On the other hand, if we talk about blogging, then this is an area where only Unique Concept works.

Google does not like the same Article, Contents, Post or YouTube Content, nor will any searcher want to read it and in such a situation neither traffic nor any income will come on it.

That is why we should always post a valuable and unique content on our blog so that the authority of our blog can be built in the search engine.

Be Passionate: The purpose of a professional blogger is to earn money from his blog. Still, if he does blogging just to earn money, then he will never be able to become a successful blogger.

Whatever be the work, if the goal of doing it is only to earn money, then we will not be able to do that work successfully. This is an absolute truth which my experience tells.

We will be successful in blogging only when our mind will be fully engaged in learning it and along with providing Valuable Content to others, we have to keep on motivating ourselves.

For this, we have to work with a positive approach and also have to be passionate about our work i.e. blogging with patience. We should work on that thing in which we have the most knowledge and interest.

Read Other’s Good Blogs and Books: To write well in blogging, it is necessary that we read the best blogs of others written on our niche. Because in order to write well, it is necessary for us to have sufficient knowledge on that subject, only then we will be able to write a great Valuable Content in our language.

The advantage of reading other’s blogs is that how to write a blog professionally is known about these methods. Along with this, we should also keep studying new books regularly.

These are some of the ways that prove helpful in becoming a great blogger.

Do not copy content from other blogs: On any topic on which we are going to write content or article, surely some post will definitely be available on Google in advance, it is almost certain.

In such a situation, we cannot copy-paste someone’s article directly on our blog. This is against the law under the Copyright Act, which Google never accepts.

If we do this, then Google can penalize our blog, which can make it difficult for our blog to rank in Google in the future.

That’s why we should always write content in our own language, which can be unique as well as add value to others.

Target only one Niche: Earlier many such blogs were made which used to provide content over Multi Niche and all of them have been very successful too.

But today, if we search on Google on any topic, then we see more results than thousands of blogs related to it, on which we get information.

So in such a situation, people do not enjoy reading blogs made on Multi Niche, in which posts are written on many topics.

If we publish health related content or education related content in our technology blog, then it will also confuse our user and will create problem to rank in Google also.

Therefore, we always have to work on our niche, that is, if articles related to Career are posted on our blog, then we should write articles only about Education and Career in it.

So that the trust of the user remains on our blog and they stay connected with it.

Contribute to the blogs of others related to your niche: This is called Guest Posting or Guest Blogging which is very important for a successful blogging.

Under this, on the Niche or Topic on which our blog is made, we have to write guest posts on other best blogs made on the same niche, which are ranking very well on Google, where we post articles with our blog details.

For this, first we have to make a list of other blogs written on our niche and contact the blogger concerned.

So that we can Appreciate them for Guest Post on their blog.

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