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12 Interesting Facts about Computer

Computer is a device used almost everywhere in our life today. Computer has completely changed our life, today we can not even imagine life without computer, but do we have all the information about this computer?

There are many such interesting information about computers that we should know, some of these things are such that you may not believe easily, but these information are completely true, so let’s know interesting facts about computer.

12 Interesting Facts about Computer

  1. The first electronic computer was the ENIAC, which weighed more than 27 tons and took up 1800 square feet of space.
  2. Only 10 percent of all the money in this world is present in physical form, the rest is just a data present in the computer.
  3. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that can be written by only one row of the keyboard.
  4. Douglas Engelbart invented the first mouse for computer in 1964, which was made of wood.
  5. About 5000 new computer viruses are generated every month.
  6. An average person blinks 20 times in a minute, but blinks only 7 times in a minute while working on a computer.
  7. The first hard disk was made in 1979 which could store only 5 MB of data.
  8. The first 1 GB hard disk drive was made in 1980, which weighed around 225 kg and cost around Rs 25 lakh.
  9. 80 percent of the mail sent daily is spam.
  10. The initial name of Windows is Interface Manager.
  11. The first microprocessor was the Intel 4004 which was made for calculators.
  12. The heaviest desktop computer was the IBM 5120, which was built in 1980, weighing about 48 kg, excluding the 58 kg external floppy drive.

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